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5minLink from User record to Requests Approval: UI mock-up
30minClosed due date cases (con't)
Decisions on closed due date functionality
20minDemo of Tags (Users)
SMEs have an understanding of tags functionality

Meeting Outcomes

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNameClearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue

Cate Boerema

Mockup and behavior for links from User record to Requests APPROVED
Mockups and resulting user story can be found here: UIU-677

Loan Policies

Sean Thomas

1) To support closed library due date mgt. - agreed that FOLIO should use service point open/closed times to find an appropriate due date, then set the due time for long-term loans at 23:59:59 to support business cases for overdues, fees/fines, etc.

2) Confirmed that fixed due date schedule (due date limit) for rolling loans should override closed due date mgt. functions to truncate loan period as applicable.

3) Requested an additional option for closed lib. due date mgt. = Move to the end of the current day

4) Confirmed that no option for prohibiting check out under certain closed due date mgt. conditions is needed

Re: 1) Ensures that the system can find appropriate open/closed hours for any service point, including those that are not regularly open at 23:59:59.

Re: 2) Ensures that long-term loans made near the end of a fixed schedule are returned prior to the schedule's end date.

Re: 3) Staff users have an option for short-term loans to allow an abbreviated check-out, while ensuring that the materials are returned before the service point closes.

Re: 4) No use-cases for this that follow actual practice for short-term loans.

Slide deck for use-cases

Ann-Marie Breaux


Link from User record to Requests (Cate)


  • End of day: 23:59:59
  • Related to calculating start time for overdues and fees/fines
  • Service point may have closed before 23:59:59; this may create a problem, re: calculating due date;
  • Printed As expressed in the 6/7/18 meeting, the hope is that the printed slip for patron would not indicate time, but system would see due time as 23:59:59.