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Discussion items




MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Discussion and confirmation about:

  • the list of indexes used in the Search
  • the list of Type of Material in the filter section

according to the suggestions of following spreadsheet:

The meeting will last  just the time necessary to define these points.

Annalisa Di Sabato: What kind of indexes do we want to see in the first drop down menu of the search? Suggestion: Display most used, then in next drop down

Laura: Would we want the most common ones in one list and more used ones in another, or use one list with the common ones at the top. This helps to avoids having to learn two lists. Ideally we would have the ability to customize the order, even if this is not in version 1. :

David's sketch of this idea:

Sarah: Shelf location? We have the possibility to show the holding location in MARCCat. Suggestion not to include Shelf Location since some libraries do not use MARC Holdings. Holdings information will reside in the Inventory app.

We do not want two separate lists of options for the search lists.

Do we want to be able to be searched by publisher as part of a common search? Annalisa pointed out that they have a separate index for publisher. They are used to normalizing the publisher name. Suggestion: remove the publisher from the list of common searches, until European libraries are consulted. Laura sent a message on Slack to see who may be interested.

Order of indexes:

ID Number 001 (This is a MARCcat unique ID - will it become the FOLIO Inventory ID Number? Ask Charlotte.)
ID Number 035


Felix and Martina report that German libraries do sometimes search by publisher, but would not need this to be at the top with the most commonly used options.



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