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Circulation Rules - background for POs

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Tania presented Requests policies; she shared a mock-up of request policy creation:

Request policy is fundamentally a combination of item and patron. So, the approach will be to attach one or more Request policies to a circ rule.

Alternate loan period. Should this element live in loan or request policy? For now, it is here in Requests (it was formerly in the loan policy).

Sites are asked to please decide by Monday, 10/29 if this approach will work. There is a general concern we are holding up development in policies due to ongoing deliberations.

Emma and Sean.  Circ. Rule Exercise . Each site is asked to make a local copy of the spreadsheet and add some sample data so we can begin to see where the redundancies and complexities live.

Things to remember:

·         Read the instructions on the first sheet before you get started

·         Make your own local copy

·         This is meant to be a illustrative sampling, it is NOT meant to be a complete list of all of your loan rules – no panicking!

·         The sooner you can get to this the better, but our deadline is next Thursday Nov. 1

Feel free to email Emma, Sean or Andrea with questions.