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 Container use cases Dennis

Dennis reviewed receiving and checkin of containers. Focusing today on check-in process. As checkin records are created, they will reference the order and the holdings associated with the P.O. System will ask if you have items to check in, associated with the container – it might not have physical content, or maybe they will be added later.

If nothing to be added now, then process ends, and one can come back at any time to update. If something will be added, then checkin area will allow one to add a title associated with the container. Kristen Wilson asked about where the items come from. So, one can either include records from a different source, or can create one here – can 'link' an instance from inventory, and add a 'piece' to be checked in, or one can create a new record.

As part of checking in items that have previously been added to the record, one can update information - location, status, etc., when the items have arrived. Very similar to 'receiving items' process. Checkin history will show all items that have been checked in.

The Acq Small Group has developed five separate use cases to test process, each with types of physical or electronic resources. Dennis worked through these five use cases within the structure of containers and checkin.

After discussion of various situations in which e- and print are both needed, and are combined, Owen Stephens shared a folder where examples of these situations can be shared for developers to review. Use this folder: to record these examples.

Next aspect is to ensure that integrated materials and supplements can be managed in the checkin process. Small Group will be focused on that over the next week, and also focus on Finance UAT feedback.


Kristin asked that we review eUsage Discuss post, as noted to left. Annika discussed this on 10/24 ERM call; see the recording to review it and catch up there, if interested.

Updates on e-holdings (from Khalilah Gambrell)

Notes from Khalilah, who was unable to stay for full meeting.

  • Eholdings app team did update mod-codex-ekb to support boolean/exact phrase/nested operators
  • I have met with Chalmers to determine a.) fields needed to manage electronic resources in FOLIO and b.) current use of Notes. Today/tomorrow, I hope to outline the information I have collected in a document just need some time to do it.
  • Eholdings app team met with Charlotte to discuss Inventory’s expectations for a KB to update container records. I have additional questions for her to ensure I have good understanding of the workflow. Also I will need to schedule a meeting with Dennis to discuss requirements.

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