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Assign Notetaker, Take Attendance, Review agendaSharon

Today's notetaker: Tod Olson

Last week's notetaker: Sharon Beltaine

Report Prototype SubgroupSharon, Nassib, Kevin, Tod, Angela

Update from group on experiences with connecting to the FOLIO reporting database to test out building the loan report from BIRT, Tableau, Aqua Data Studio, and possibly other applications. Last meeting was Wed Nov 7 from 3-4pm EST. Next meetings scheduled for Mon Nov 12 and Mon Nov 19.

Real-Time Data ReportsAll

Reporting SIG members were asked at last week's meeting to identify reports that require real-time data which have not been identified as in-app, and bring those forward. We will review and discuss these reports.

-reports are highlighted in yellow on the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet

-themes: batch jobs, Ares reports, need to evaluate Consortia reports

-more work required on data warehouse infrastructure to provide reports with real time data

-streaming will not be ready until January 2019; "state changes" provided by streaming data would need to be added to the data model

-for now, Reporting SIG will review the reports that are not defined as in app reports and do require real time data with these questions in mind:

-does the report truly require real time data?

-can the report be provided as an in app report (requires talking with functional SIGs)?

-is the report functionality already being covered via other functionality (e.g., error reports from batch jobs)?

Prioritizing Your Institution's ReportsSharon Beltaine

In order to determine the order in which we will prototype our reports for the development of data models for the data warehouse, we need to prioritize them within each functional area (e.g., RM, RA, etc.). Please see the Prioritizing Reports page in the wiki for detailed instructions.

-review status of progress, discuss any issues and how to address them

-Monday November 12, 2018 is our target completion date

Assigning Yourself to JIRA ReportsHolly Mistlebauer

Holly walked us through the process of assigning ourselves to our reports in the FOLIO JIRA System. Instructions are provided on this wiki page, which will also contain other JIRA info:  Working on a JIRA Issue

-review status of progress, discuss any issues and how to address them

-Monday November 12, 2018 is our target completion date

Topics for Future Meetings


Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings

Other Topics?AllAny other topics to discuss today?