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No RA meetings - 12/20 to 12/31
10minCheck in/check out notes (read)Emma Boettcher
Approve read-version of check in/check out notes
25minCheck in/check out notes (other interactions)Emma Boettcher
Decide priority of other interactions (print, delete, edit existing - others?) with check in/out notes from check in/check out app
5minClarification on Circulation Rules 'inheritance'Sean Thomas
Group understanding on limits to inherited properties in Circulation Rules modeling

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Circulation RulesQ1 2019Clarification on Circulation Rules 'inheritance'

Sean clarified that the Q1 version of the Circulation Rules Editor would support both the inheritance of a 'fall-back policy' if one were not specifically declared and would retain the inheritance structure currently present for nested attributes defined in the creation of a circulation rule.


Check in/check out notes (read/interactions)