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Petro Prokopovych (1775–1850, Ukrainian: Петро Прокопович) was a revolutionary Ukrainian beekeeper, the founder of commercial beekeeping and the inventor of the first movable frame hive. 

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TOTAL FTES FOR TEAM = 1.0 FTE FE & 1.5 FTE BE (also have 1 EPAM dev focusing on front-end tests only)

TAMU 1.0 FTE dev – BE (rotating)

  • Jeremy Huff
  • William Welling
  • Kevin Day
  • Rincy Mathew

Kyle Felker 0.5 FTE – Grand Valley State University - BE

Michal Kuklis – 1.0 FTE OLE/Cornell - FE1.0 FTE EPAM - FE (automated testing only. 


Marc Johnson - K-Int (Dev Lead)

Charlotte Whitt - Index Data (Acting PO Lead, Scrum Master. Will leave the team in August end of September)


Team Calendars