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Minute takerBethany Greene



Update on Face-to-Face meeting in May

  • not sure where, when, or who should be there - up in the air
  • sometime in May?

New App Interaction Subgroup

Review of Subgroups under RM

  • putting together a document outlining the work of the different subgroups and how they interact with the larger RM SIG
  • Acquisition subgroup being kept deliberately small
  • ERM subgroup is larger, open to anyone

Roadmap review: February 6 FOLIO Forum

  • fairly high-level; where FOLIO is going
Orders functionality review and upcoming UAT testing

Order functionality review

  • Reviewed creating a purchase order, adding a PO line
  • Discussed workflow statuses
  • Official UAT for orders app is on the horizon - working on adding detail so the UAT will be meaningful - could happen as early as February 11
Data Import FunctionalityAnn-Marie Breaux

Data Import Functionality

  • Added constraint that you can only upload files with the same file extension at the same time
  • If you upload multiple files by mistake, you can hit the trashcan to delete the file
  • If you upload files and move away from the Data Import app, once you come back to the app, it will show draft jobs in progress and ask if you want to resume or delete files and start over

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