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All functionality implemented in Round II & MVP


  1. Ability to load 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 records in a reasonable period
  2. Ability to operationally load (including match, and merge) records in a reasonable period (50,000-100,000 records)
  3. Circulation performance at acceptable rates for check-in, check-out, renewal. (3 items per second or better.)

Custom Fields

  • Ability to store custom fields in the LDP

Improved Search

  • Further improved call number search and sort
  • Call number search outside of inventory
  • Improved or fielded user searching

Metadata Management

  • Batch and global updates
  • Exports (generalized beyond discovery, e.g. export for OCLC holdingsbasic exports in Round II and MVP)
  • Batch delete of inventory records
  • Transfer holdings and items (i.e. transfer holdings to a different instance record, transfer items to a different holdings record)
  • Data import: more sophisticated matching and overlay
  • Single record import from OCLCData import: import of delimited files
  • On-the-fly records

Acquisitions Requirements

  • Load orders and invoices from EDI and MARC
  • Financial transaction accounting
  • Voucher exports
  • Fiscal Year Rollover capability
  • Facilitate transactions in multiple currencies

Donor recognition and tracking - touches multiple modules

Resource Access

  • Remote Storage Support / Implementation (CAIASoft)
  • LTI support from Courses App for integrations with external LMS and discovery layer systems
  • Basic Needed For implementation (Item State)
  • Basic Process Implementation (Item State)
  • Automatically create overdue fees, automatically aging to lost
  • Circulation Log / Audit History
  • Create and manage patron blocks
  • Recording check-in history and item statuses
  • Notices: view history
  • Z39.50 support
  • Allow request policies to control fulfillment options
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Round IV - Post MVP

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