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15 minDefinition of Done - updates

Review teams' Definitions of Done and next steps for the TC's template. Feedback - Looks good. On the surface - may look a little weird that there are so many DoDs but should be expected because of the variance of teams and their relative maturity. Need to revisit periodically. Look for opportunities to improve. Some infrastructure is needed to allow some aspects to get further along. Could look to take advantage of Confluence functionality to allow teams to include common/mandatory items. For Mandatory items teams should come back to TC to discuss why they aren't able to meet the Mandatory requirements. We should note that when open source participatory teams are involved, they may not choose to abide by our "Mandatory" requirements. Need to decide/document how to deal with these situations. Revisit DoD progress and state quarterly.

 25 minUUID Issue TC

 The extensive debate in UUIN-369 and UXPROD-884 - to avoid having the UUIDs and HRIDs exist in a kind of limbo with an undefined relationship and individual users and developers using the willy-nilly, it would be good for the TC to clearly articulate best practices in the use and consumption of these IDs. At stake here is FOLIO’s ‘feel’ as a system with some consistency of behaviors and expectations across modules.

I would like TC members to provide their perspective and recommendations on best practices here.


Charlotte shared background and indicated no one suggests HRID be mutable... that aspect of this question was stricken. SMEs prefer the HRID to go into the 001 field - the UUID is long and messy. Each App that creates an Inventory record has implemented a number sequencer which will be used to populate the HRID.

Tod shared some background on current practices.

Vince: We need to have universal unique identifiers (UUID) but also have a need for human readable (HRID). Determining how these relate is what is under discussion. How these map to MARC fields are a different topic and not necessarily one for the TC to be involved in. UUIDs are to be used as what is referenced within FOLIO - not HRIDs.The primary concern for Folio is that internal operations rely only on UUIDs; HRIDs should not be used to identify records between modules. HRIDs would be secondary to the UUID for identifying records.  What goes into the 001 field is a separate problem. But the convention of importing external MARC records by moving the existing 001 record to 035 and providing a new 001 value is consistent with placing a UUID in 001 upon ingest.  TC should weigh in on whether we allow number sequencers between different apps (or whether there should be a central generator/sequencer). However, centralized number sequencers are problematic, and UUIDs provide a solution without needing a number sequencer.

Potential questions for TC to answer:

  1. What should be used to create HRIDs 
  2. How do we ensure that the HRID is a true alias for the UUID
  3. Recommendations for where these values are used in MARC fields

20 minTC Backlog ReviewReview edits, progress and dispensation of the TC backlog.