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Discussion items


Meeting LogisticsAll

Starting March 18, meeting will take place weekly at 10am EST

Plans for this working group

Nassib suggests these focus areas for the working group this week...

• Working through the data specification for the Circulation Item Detail report. It's probably close to being ready, but I think it should be actively vetted by this group. Then it can be used to guide the database/software development.

• Planning an update for the next Reporting SIG meeting to provide an update/demo/discussion on this group's activities so far

eUsage ProjectSharon

Please take a look at the documentation for API data elements from the eUsage app development team.

eUsage API data elements documentation:

  • the "counter-reports" worksheet shows the metadata for the harvested reports.
  • for eUsage, we do not actually save the single data fields of each report, but the monthly reports as a whole, with metadata to identify them

eUsage UI presentation:
The eUsage UI design includes a statistics previews backend that queries specific reports (identified by provider, date range, metric type etc.) and then processes the full report

Here is a presentation explaining this design with an example:

Assignment for our next meetingAll

Careful walkthrough of Circ Item Detail report - final check before development of the report data model - important to get this right before development

Review eUsage data element documentation and UI links above, along with related reports the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet list of reporting requirements, then bring your suggestions on our first eUsage report data model to our next meeting

Next meeting of the Report Prototype WG is schedule for Fri March 8, 10-11 am EST

Action items