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Product Council Update
  • Gap analysis feature ranking was discussed. Institutions are currently addressing this list. This will be due by the end of April.
  • Work was done to address 527 bugs. Anton said more resources are needed in this area.
  • Testing was done for Chalmers "go live".
  • Automated regression testing was performed.
  • Tech Council updated on the Codex Vision Document. General conclusion is that there are too many open questions and concerns. More discussion is needed. Proposed next step are to look into the impact on Chalmers.
  • All SIG conveners gave updates.
    • Laura reported that a few people from MM SIG will be working on a draft of the Inventory "vision." This document will come back to the MM SIG for comment. This is a high priority.
    • Authority discussion will begin. Where should authority data be held, beyond MARCCat? This group will need to make recommendations.
    • Work in mapping data from ArchivesSpace to Inventory is being done by a smaller sub-group. (EAD to Inventory mapping)
  • A June FOLIO meeting for select FOLIO members is being planned.

Subgroup Updates and Other Updates

Repeatable identifiers in InventoryAnn-Marie Breaux

Valid vs invalid; normalization? How much information/detail is needed?

See also: JIRA ticket -

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Broad discussion: where should authority-type data live and be managed?
Other "parked" issues?

Future meeting topics

Alternate Graphic RepresentationsGraphical Representations - when entities and words are/can be represented in more than one graphical form.

Mapping to Inventory beyond MARC

Authority Data


Search enhancements

Item record statuses and the apps that affect them