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Folio Attribute (Module/Path:Object)Folio Data Element DescriptionParameters/Query
User ID (mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans/anonymize/{userId}:userID)The UUID of the user to whom an item is loaned

Provides a join point between mod-circulation-storage and mod-users - connects with:


Patron Group ID (mod-users/users/{userID}:patronGroup) The UUID corresponding to the group the user belongs to

Provides a join point between mod-users/users and mod-users/groups - connects with:


Patron Group Name (mod-users/users/groups:group) The unique name of this group

Item Status (mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items:status)The item's status (e.g. Available, Checked out, In transit, etc.)Where"checked-out"

Item Call Number (mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items:itemLevelCallNumber)

*not ready

*sometimes pulled from holdings, sometimes from item, not consistent

The call number of the loaned item
Item ID (mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans:itemId)The UUID of the loaned item

Provides a join point between mod-circulation-storage and mod-inventory-storage. This allows us to pull all pertinent details for the circulated item (as identified by its ID). Specifically joins with:


Item Title (mod-inventory-storage/holdings-storage/holdings:shelvingTitle)The title of the item loaned
Item Barcode (mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items/{itemId}:barcode)The barcode of the item Item ID provided from mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans:itemId

-2 locations from item

-2 locations from holdings

-effective location

Item Location ID (mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items:permanentLocationId)

-may not be right

UUID for the item's permanent location.

Note: I believe the permanentLocationId is a UUID that can be used to designate a "permanent location" as defined within one of the system's three levels of locations (i.e., institution, campus, and library locations).

Provides a join point between mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items and mod-inventory-storage/locations. Specifically joins with:


Loan Date (mod-circulation-storage/loan-storage/loans:loanDate)The date an item was loanedThis data element provides the main filter point for this report (where loanDate Between [start] And [end])
Item Enumeration (mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items:enumeration)Item enumerator (e.g., vol. 1, No. 2, etc.)
Item Copy Number (mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items:copyNumbers)Item copy number (e.g., copy 1, copy 2, etc.)
Item Location (mod-inventory-storage/locations:name)

Location where the item is held.

Note: I believe the name element can refer to the descriptive name of the item's location at any of the three location-unit levels currently defined within the system (i.e., institution, campus, library).

The UUID provided by mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items:permanentLocationId will determine what name is shown here.