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Product Council Update
  • Epic rankings were discussed. Harry offered guidance for descriptions of the top 20 epics.
  • Gap analysis process: New designations will be considered when the sheet is reviewed by the Product Council.
  • Discussion of needed APIs with vendors. What connections need to be made for "go live" libraries?
  • Subgroup for working meeting agenda is close to finishing their work and will communicate results soon.
Subgroup Updates and Other Updates

Technical Council discussed UUID and HRID at meeting 3/20
Meeting recording:

Charlotte believes the conclusion is good. The outcome is ultimately that the HRID will be mapped to the 001.

Data Import: Today's meeting was a follow-up to the tech council meeting about Data Import and HRIDs and UUIDs. An idea was outlined that may eventually be brought to the MM SIG.

MARCCat Subgroup: MARC Holdings as well as the issue of prediction patterns and serials receiving have arisen. Laura will reach out to the RM SIG and Dennis to have a joint discussion to see where the connections between apps need to happen.

The EAD-to-Inventory Metadata Mapping Subgroup ("mapping to inventory beyond MARC") is forming and should have something to report soon.

Repeatable identifiers in InventoryAnn-Marie Breaux

Valid vs invalid; normalization? How much information/detail is needed?

See also: JIRA ticket -

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Resource identifier types - list of Folio defined terms:

  • ASIN
  • BNB
  • Cancelled GPO item number
  • DOI
  • Control number
  • GPO item number
  • Handle
  • ISBN
  • Invalid ISBN
  • ISSN
  • Invalid ISSN
  • LCCN
  • Linking ISSN
  • OCLC
  • Other standard identifers
  • Publisher or distributor number
  • Report number
  • Standard technical report number
  • StEdNL
  • System control numbers
  • UkMac
  • URN


This list will be configurable in FOLIO. It's not in FOLIO yet, but will be when developer resources are found. A suggestion was made of using a DOI as an identifier by Sara Colglazier. Ann-Marie liked that suggestion. This suggestion will be added to the JIRA.

Felix (via chat): "I asked for adding DOIs, URNs and Handles last year in the Inventory elements spreadsheet. Please add it to the list."

ISBN (invalid) will initially be a human readable version of the MARC format.

Serials receiving, items, etc.
Based on Slack conversation in marccat channel–are there specific needs we want to articulate to RM for receiving serials?
Future meeting topics

Repeatable identifiers in Inventory

Alternate Graphic Representations - when entities and words are/can be represented in more than one graphical form.

Mapping to Inventory beyond MARC

Authority Data


Search enhancements

Item record statuses and the apps that affect them