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5 minQuick Update
  • Security Audit - have NOT heard from Bishop Fox
  • HRID/UUID discussion
15 minTech Debt 

 Discuss documented issues:


1) Mike Gorrell to draft a definition of Tech Debt for the TC to comment on. Need a common agreed upon definition.

2) Jakub Skoczen and others to work the list of items with a goal of finalizing current priority and 'rankings' by April 30 so that it may be consider along side the rankings of the Implementor Group.

40 MinJune MeetingConsider

and also consider this:


1) A few items added to the list of meetings

2) General consensus is that it won't be valuable enough to pull all developers in (perhaps any - not even Tech Leads) but some recommendations about planning future conferences were raised. Mike Gorrell to draft a summary that will be forwarded to the PC after TC consensus.