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A space to record issues/ideas that the ERM Sub Group should examine, but that need to be tabled from the current conversation.

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  1. Add progress bar / hourglass: Given you are in Agreements / E-Resources tab and you select an eJournal or an eBook from the list. An indication should be added to the "Options for acquiring e-resource" that content is beeing loaded. Current behavior: a) if you select an eResource the first time after login, the section "Options for acquiring e-resource" displays no content for ~ 2 seconds until the package data is loaded. b) If an eResource has already been clicked and another eResource is selected, the previous content is displayed for a few seconds. Either the performance should be improved or a progress bar / hourglass should be displayed. (Felix Hemme, 2019-04-08)
  2. Owen: Find out what Acquisitions do to track missing invoices -
    1. In progress
  3. Owen: Find out what will be supported in Acquisitions, regarding Budgets and their management. - #
    1. In progress
  4. Owen: Comparison functionality
    1. Not started - carry forward
  5. Owen (from Peters (Cornell) feedback)]: I continue to try and find a use case for searching content that my institution has not acquired. If I’m interested discovering the content in a resource, why would I not go to the vendor for that information? In what case would I go to a knowledgebase of some sort? Of course I could do a Overlap Analysis, and I believe that’s a very useful application, but that’s a separate task from searching for content that we haven’t acquired. And the world of content that I can’t access is so many times larger than the content that I can access -- and probably more so for others. I just see no reason to want to search content we can’t access.    - issue shall be discussed in a future meeting
    1. UPDATE 2018-08-15: Screencast may shed some more light on the purpose of having content from a KB searchable to add to agreements
  6. Owen to review the proposal for package fields in the document “Local Packages in Inventory (UIIN-115)”
  7. License amendments:
  8. Examples of Joint Print and Electronic acquisition:

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