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Average Number Open Requests

Average Request Queue Length (number of open requests on a given item)

How Many Newly Expired and Cancelled Requests per Day

How Many Newly Expired and Cancelled Requests per Hour (assuming we keep the short-term expiry periods for reserve items, equipment etc)

University Library Marburgup to 1033 (2018-03-13)about 130 requests
up to 1302 (2018-04-12)per hour: about 29
Cornell University244 requests placed per day (1 year average 4/10/2018 - 4/10/2019); current number of OPEN requests = 1,4331.04 (current max=13)Average per day: 13 cancelled; 29 expired; 202 chargedn/a

Current number of open requests = 1,604

 University Library Mainz820 current number of OPEN Requests (2019-04-09) up to 1200 (average per day)

n/a but: 

max. 3 on freehand area books / closed stack

max. 5 on textbook collection 

 46 (26 % of all requests) n/a
University of Chicago

current number of open requests = 1037

177 created daily

average 1+

max 8

max 154 on a single day

average 44 per day