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30minItem records
Cate Boerema and Ann-Marie BreauxItems for electronic resources- Some institutions will be creating item records in inventory for their electronic/online resources.
- Institutions plan to create location(s) to assign to these (eg. "online" or "electronic")
- Since locations require service points, they will probably create a dummy SP too
- Do these need to be filtered out at checkout and request creation? Anywhere else? Anything we need to consider here.
- Would be good to invite Ann-Marie Breaux to this meeting so let's plan this agenda item in advance so we can check with her
- Definitely want Emma on this call, as well
- Reference:
Emma BoettcherRenewal failure overridesAnswer the question: when an item is not renewable, is it also useful to check whether any due date schedule associated with its loan policy is valid?



Average Number Open Requests

Average Request Queue Length

How Many Newly Expired and Cancelled Requests per Day

How Many Newly Expired and Cancelled Requests per Hour (assuming we keep the short-term expiry periods for reserve items, equipment etc)

University Library Marburgup to 1033 (2018-03-13)about 130 requestsup to 1302 (2018-04-12)per hour: about 29
Cornell University244 requests placed per day (1 year average 4/10/2018 - 4/10/2019); current number of OPEN requests = 1,4331.04 (current max=13)Average per day: 13 cancelled; 29 expired; 202 chargedn/a


  • requests on loan details screen - do we want to display all requests or only those that impact due date?

    • yes we want all of the requests to show up as an action

    • also confirming that count of requests on item record takes you to list of all requests on item

  • clearing the hold shelf - cancelled and expired requests

    • original idea for expired was for request status and item status awaiting pickup by filtering

    • how do you come up with the complicated query logic for finding expired holds that need to be grabbed? logic is complicated by outstanding open requests

    • a new item status of "pickup expired" that is updated when request is expired or cancelled would simplify the discovery of these items

    • item status of "pickup expired" and necessary request info (patron name, barcode)

    • obviously need to limit by service point

    • report needs requestor, item barcode, title, item call number

    • assumption is that item state, etc. should be configurable at discovery layer level for display

  • Hold shelf expiry period can be specified in minutes and hours, is this needed? 

    • the challenge is that the batch process or other query, how often does it need to happen?

  • Request Expiration Job

    • current implementation is that the system checks every hour, not a batch job (right now)

    • probably do need minutes/hours for reserves, equipment, etc.

    • need to do performance testing - estimates on average numbers posted as table, please contribute your institutions estimates

    • Chicago - 20-25% of requests expire or are cancelled

How many newly expired requests might there be per day

  • Deb Lamb announced a new Director of Access Services at Cornell starting July 1st: David Hornell. David will be joining the RA-SIG. Deb has been filling in the interim. Her last day on the SIG is May 22nd.
  • Cate and Ann-Marie Breaux. Items for electronic resources. Items require location and service point. Will probably create a dummy service point for electronic resources (FOLIO-1891). How do we assure these virtual resources do not enter into loans and requests workflows? Create loan policy "loanable equals no". Create request policy "requestable equals no". Need to supress item states which would not apply to electronic resources.
  • Emma. Renewals (when they fail). If there are two reasons for a renewal failing (e.g. Loan policy "non-renewable"; date of renewal falls outside due date schedule), is it important to show reason 1 and 2? Folks agree all reasons for failing should display (so those issues can be addressed by operator).