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  • All the backed modules contain a Vagrantfile
    • this is for convenience, but it's really important to note that you only ever run 1 vagrant image - and that will coordinate all the modules you want to run
    • so if you want to run mod-agreements and mod-licenses together, you will need to use only one of the Vagrantfile images - usually use the mod-agreements one
    • check the version of the folio/testing-backend being used by the Vagrantfile before running looking for uncommented lines like:
      • config.vm.box_version = "5.0.0-20190612.2294"
    • Comment out this line from the Vagrantfile if you want to just run the latest version
    • For vm.box_version above (approx) 5.0.0-20210204.5783, consider increasing v.memory and v.cpus in the file as follows:
      • v.memory = 12288
      • v.cpus = 4
  • Once you have done a vagrant up you have a folio running with a base collection of modules
  • We then need to start up our backend modules - mod-agreements and mod-licenses -
    • Both modules have a scripts directory with a script which you probably want to use.
    • The process is usually cd <module>/service; grails war; ../scripts/
      • NB instead of ../scripts/ you can use grails -Dgrails.env=vagrant-db run-app  which will give increased logging

    • NOTE: the script uses a jar file in ../build/libs.   The script may need to be modified to use the correct version of the jar file.
    • This is enough to build the module and start it up.