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Discussion items

Minute Taker
Kristen Wilson
Announcements from the PC
  • PC has been discussing need for dedicated person to create documentation
  • Harry Kaplanian will be investigating documentation needs in more detail
  • Gap analysis and feature priorities submissions have been completed
  • Next steps will be reviewing gaps and seeing if new features need to be created, coming up with priorities for next 6-12 months

FOLIO Meeting Update

Current spreadsheet

What could, if any, run parallel?

Review current rankings

  • We need to review our proposed meetings and decide which ones can run concurrently
  • The ERM devs were meant to have a dedicated meeting, but it has been cancelled due to scheduling challenges
  • ERM/Acq/Cross-app will have a room available with 13 slots
    • 2 Acq sessions – 3 hours
    • 4 ERM sessions – 6 hours
    • App interaction is still working on priorities – potentially 2 sessions/4 hours
  • The challenge will be making sure key people from other areas can attend as needed (e.g., Charlotte Whitt, Laura Wright, Ann-Marie Breaux)
  • Kristin Martin  will share recommendations with the PC
  • Dennis Bridges: How should the sessions be formatted?
    • It's up to the moderator
    • PC or SIGs could offer suggestions
  • Dennis Bridges: How many people are attending? Who is attending?
    • We're not sure
    • It would be helpful for the moderators have a sense of numbers, areas of interest
    • Can the planning group supply this info after the hotel deadline passes?
    • Martina Tumulla will ask the planning group to do this

  • The acquisitions small group has made some updates to the invoicing mock-ups
  • Development has started on the back end of the app, and UX will start in sprint 63
  • Dennis reviewed a set of slides showing the mock-ups and describing functionality
  • Scott Perry : Why wouldn't the exchange rate be applied at the beginning, since the invoice will be entered in foreign currency
    • You can enter invoice amounts in whatever currency you need to
    • If you don't have an exchange rate at the point of invoice, it's retrieved at the point of approval
    • This is necessary to debit funds in local currency
  • Heather Thoele : Can we skip the review state and go straight to approved?
    • Yes
  • Sara Colglazier : How do we support "journal vouchers?" 
    • JVs are used to exchange money between the library and other departments on campus
    • These are often used for corrections or resources paid for by external parties but managed by the library
    • Most people use dummy credit memos and invoices to represent money that comes into and out of external budgets
    • It would be nice to have a better way to represent this movement of money – but it's not super high priority.
    • The small group is talking about vouchers now – Dennis will bring this topic to them
  • Virginia Martin : Can you navigate to an invoice by looking up a PO, then linking to invoice?
    • Right now, we'll plan to have an Invoice accordion on the PO that will display summary information about the invoice.
    • The invoice lines should also have a link back to the PO.

Action items