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Note: the only data we have about renewals is a total count, no location or timestamp for the individual renewal transactions. (Confirmed on May 13, 2019 with Marc Johnson, who said "That is correct, there isn’t a separate record of each renewal. That would need to be inferred from the log of requests made to APIs at the moment. Some of it _might_ be inferrable from loan action history.") In principle, we could at least infer renewal time by comparing versions of the loan record to see when the renewal count changes, but for this report that is not useful because we also need a service-point. If the logs track both time and service-point for renewals, we could explore how difficult it would be to ingest the logs into the LDP. As far as I can tell, the log being discussed is a "circulation transaction log" that might be derived from the audit (loan action) history, but it hasn't been designed yet. Cate Boerema, Andrea Loigman, and Joanne Leary had a discussion about this. Joanne and Andrea really want renewals to be tracked, but I don't think anything has really changed yet.

Note: ideally, this would track the following transactions (separately): checkout, checkout from hold, checkout from reserves, return, renewal. Right now, FOLIO does not seem to be storing individual renewal transactions, other than to increment a count. If renewals are ever tracked with time and location information, those should be added. Checkout from hold would require knowing the item state before checkout. Checkout from reserves would require knowing the item effective location before checkout.