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Discussion items

15 minChallenges Scaling Core Development WorkChallenges Scaling Core Development Work

There are issues around scaling development in the core backend modules (mod-circulation, mod-inventory) where right now three teams are working on the same code base. Marc has put together a short presentation about the problem and some (non-exhaustive) ways to remedy it. He would like our opinion on the options. His presentation is here:

We agreed that his summary of issues made sense and we committed to trying to help the community define who does Code Reviews, how do we set aside time to make sure they are done promptly, and what the code review should cover/entail. We'll take this on in our backlog.

45 minTech DebtWe will discuss the current list of Tech Debt items in prep for our face to face meeting in June. Jakub has shaped the list and added lots of content: - ran out of time but TC members are asked to review the list and be ready to discuss next week.