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Today's Attendance Taker: Anne Highsmith

Today's notetaker:  Kevin Walker 

Last week's notetaker: Kevin Walker

Updates on Reporting SIG Meeting ScheduleSharon

Please note that we will hold a Reporting SIG meeting on Monday, June 17 from 9-10am EDT, coming to you "live from the FOLIO conference" in DC.

Due to the observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 27 in the United States, the Reporting SIG and Report Prototype Working Group meetings are both cancelled.

Data Privacy for FOLIO ReportingALL

Joyce Chapman, Ingolf Kuss, and Vandana Shah will take on the task of assembling recommendations on Data Privacy for the LDP Data Warehouse as the members of the new Data Privacy Working Group. 

  • Did Lisa DeCarolis find additional volunteers within the Five Colleges?


  • Meeting to take place on Tuesday at 10am EDT
Report Prioritization for Development in Data WarehouseALL

Note: In order to get more information on the state of development in Resource Management, Sharon has asked Dennis Bridges to attend one of our upcoming Reporting SIG meetings.

We will review the RPWG Project List for the Report Prototype Working Group with updates from those who are working on each of the current report prototypes in progress. Please provide feedback on the prioritization of these projects as a representative of your institution.

  • Loan and Renewal Count - Kevin
    • Combines ID406 and ID407
    • Uses unique loan id, which is associated with a loan date
    • Renewal count falls under each Loan ID, but is not associated yet in FOLIO with specific dates (this is a problem)
    • We need to have dates in order to track circulating items
    • (Joanne) What happens if the item is deleted? Answer - LDP keeps historical information, so you will be able to report on it
    • Hierarchy of locations (institution/campus/library) has been included
    • (Joanne) loan type would tell you item is on reserve; reserve will probably show up as the effective location
      • Temporary location will be added to the prototype
    • (Linda) how do we include ILL and Borrow Direct data in this report?
      • ILL is typically delineated by either location or patron group
      • Patron group will be added to the prototype
    • Need to ask Nassib if all location elements should be
    • Sharon to set up meeting with Emma Boettcher, Andrea, Angela, Kevin, and Joanne to discuss need for renewal date data elements, which impacts several reports
  • External Statistics - Ingolf, Linda, Scott, Veit, Sharon
    • Data divided across: digital vs. non-digital and serial vs. non-serial
    • Will begin with ACRL requirements and then shift to cover ARL and NCES reports
    • Should all survey elements be included in this prototype?
      • May want to separate sections (e.g., circulation, holdings, financial, etc.)
    • Questions remain, regarding access to MARC fields for report articulation (e.g., differentiating between serials/monographs)
  • Services Usage - Angela 
    • Looks at the relative activity levels across different service points
    • Service point name vs. display name vs. code
      • Angela will add the service point code to the model
  • Shelf List Location - Eric 
    • Discussion for this prototype will be saved for next meeting (June 3)

Additional Topics?All No additional topics
Topics for Future MeetingsAll

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings