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  • Welcome
  • note taker: Ingolf
  • Review of action items

FOLIO F2F meeting updatesIngolf

Here's the schedule for the FOLIO F2F:

  • Attendees can be added
  • Zoom Links have been added
  • Use filters on Group and Subject
  • We have 4 or 5 conference call microphones or speakers, so far. If anyone of you is able to bring one or more of these to use at the meetings, please bring them. It will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail or Slack message @jesse.koennecke if you are able to bring one or more so Jesse can get a count.

Meeting Notes:

  • Attendees can add themselves if they are logged in
  • Good note taking is crucial. Wayne will appoint note takers for his sessions.

FOLO integration with an orchestration toolset

Report of the  Kubernetes Subgroup

Project page with collection of Jira Issues: Folio integration with an orchestration toolset

Meeting Notes:

Group meet at 09:00 U.S. Eastern time on Wednesdays. Meetings are recorded and recordings are available here: . Wayne serves as the Convener and invites for participation. Meeting details are on the Wiki page Kubernetes Subgroup .

At the moment, the group experiments with continuous deployment. It is using Jenkins to stand up containers.

The group is not just focused on Rancher, but open for other Kubernetes approaches.

The work of the group should be interesting for hosting providers. On-premise institutions are less likely to use these properties.


We will meet next week. Wayne will give a review of the sessions he convenes at the F2F meeting.

Patty will give a review about her sessions at the data migration meeting on Monday (June 24).+

Topics for next meetings:

Integrations prerequisites

might be scheduled for 07/05, if the group meets on that day

Tod Olson , Ingolf

  • Build a list of prerequisites for each integration
  • When will dependent APIs be available ?
  • Push priritization of those dependencies

Ingolf created a Wiki page to collect this information: Integrations Prerequisites

Action items

  •  Wayne Schneiderwill report about the progress of the work on 
    serverFOLIO Issue Tracker