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Dennis began with discussion of a dashboard for finance.  Seems more appropriate for Folio as a whole.  Planning a summary widget for finance and acquisitions.  Widget will display based on search results.  It will calculate summary information based on search results.  Focus primarily focused on daily applications.  Cross app reports will use LDP.

See notes in In-App Reports - Dennis Bridges spreadsheet of RM reports

Evaluation of reports

Discussion about LDP not having real-time data.


LDP for table join to external

Metadata Management Visit

Scott Perry

Sharon Beltaine


Kevin W. Walker

Holly Mistlebauer

Roman Ruiz-Esparza

Charlotte Whitt

Matthew Harrington

Jenn Colt

Erin Nettifee

Anne L. Highsmith

Jackie Gottlieb

Mary S Alexander

Jacquie Samples

Vandana Shah

Linda H Miller

Christie Thomas

Felix Hemme

@Nassib Nassar

Michelle Suranofsky

Magda Zacharska

Laura Wright

Lisa Furubotten

Jason Kovari

Karen Newbery

Dennis Christman

Complex queries.  Transition of the data from apps to the LDP or LDP to apps is not defined.  Maybe workflow engine or an in app report can produce the results.  Agreement that the workflow engine should be the mechanism.

Clarification of LDP or Data warehouse.  Are the same thing.

Hoping for incorporation of reporting within sprint reviews and roadmap.

Some inapp reports originally identified have now moved to the LDP.

Need for development resources

Is the data model a remodeling of data?  Interpretation across two different places.  Using Star Schema to reorganize the data to make it easier. 

Concerns about transferring large amounts of data.  Now not possible.

Discussion about the structure and ability to create local tables in the LDP.  Some examples of local tables in existing systems.

Marc being converted to JSON (already being done elsewhere in FOLIO).  Specify nested data?  Reporting SIG is not looking at non-relational options for Marc.  There will be a manual mapping of some of the elements.

Review of reports

Review process of Reporting SIG to generate reports.  Reviewed SQL for a sample report Shelf-list Location.  Initial documentation to figure out which attributes are needed to create a data model. Reviewed the Star Schema for the LDP.

All tables will have a tenant ID.

Report on the process that makes changes–how do you report on operational activity.  In app report.

Action items

  •   add a user story to the JIRA issue about storing effective location in loan (UXPROD-1432)
  •   Sharon will follow up with Dennis on the remaining reports not reviewed at F2F