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  • Circulation Transaction Detail
  • Circulation Transactions
  • Loans by Material Type
  • Circulation Transactions with Bibliographic Detail
  • Loans by Material Type with Bibliographic Detail
  • Loans with Item Detail


-circulation just for describing physical materials and not electronic?

The 5 most used apps of FOLIO that reports will be generated for:

  • users
  • circulation
  • inventory
  • finance and orders
  • resource management

Upper-level grouping:

  • Circulation (use API structure; users, circulation, inventory, finance and orders, resource management)
    • maybe this is most readable for non-expert analysts
  • Resource Access (stick with current functional areas)
    • useful for report development, but maybe not useful for UX; could potentially just include tags on GitHub

-just use functional area to organize reports, not to name them

-use tagging (e.g., in GitHub?) to help organize reports

Report Naming Construct


-by = filter or focus

-with = what the report includes, details

Name of Quer(ies):

Short name(s) for queries: