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New attendees!

  • Lucy Harrison (GALILEO)
  • Lan Yang (TAMU)
  • Lloyd Chittenden (Marmot)

5minReview "Who's Responsible?" Discuss post responses All 

Mostly patron library that is responsible for communication with the patron.

GBV: Patron records are imported, so in essence the owning library becomes the patron library too. The patron's actual patron library is not involved in the transaction.

  • Q: Is a scenario where patron records are imported into the owning libraries tenant part of Cross Tenant Unmediated resource sharing? A: Yes, it is. Importing the patron record is the current mechanism for achieving resource sharing requirements (for GBV and possibly others). Importing records is not critical if a different solution is available that meets the requirements.

40minReview Resource Sharing pageAll

Recap of email discussion

  • consolidating "mixed ILS" tiers
    • the same systems are involved in both tiers; the unmediated scenario is rare if it even exists
    • per email discussion, there may be some distinction in features/integrations between these two tiers
  • mediated/unmediated definitions
    • unmediated - a patron can place a request directly with the owning library
    • mediated - the patron library vets the request and places it with the owning library on the patron's behalf
  • Cross Tenant Unmediated → should this be a Library-to-Library relationship?
    • for complete "unmediated" functionality (in-person borrowing, renewals, recalls, returns anywhere) a library-patron relationship seems necessary

David Dahl will adjust columns

  • Audience/relationship → Responsible Party
  • add column for unmediated/mediated (or both)
  • add column for online/walk-in scenario (or both)

Reminder: purpose of this page is to develop a common language when we talk about resource sharing/ILL.

  • at a certain point, we may want to step away from getting these tiers 100% accurate and talk about how we would like things to work (e.g. user stories, etc.)
  • it seems like we might have enough shared understanding of what's in-scope for the Cross Tenant Unmediated scenario to pursue work on that workflow, user stories, and requirements

10minReview "Cross-tenant unmediated" resource sharing workflowAll

Working document:

  • Questions and assumptions added

Next week

  • continue discussion of cross-tenant unmediated user story
  • Kelly Drake will look for user story for Requests in FOLIO since this will ideally align with cross-tenant requests

Action items