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Discussion items

30 minRFC for PubSub

Presentation of comments and official vote on 

TC Approved the RFC. Notes:

Discussion around the choice of Kafka and how limiting that might be in terms of a different message queue in the future. In the end we accept that this decision may cause work down the road but also trust it's the best choice for the documented needs at this time.

Also lots of discussion related to Compatibility & Versioning (Events change). There are concerns about the 'informal' way of managing dependencies on specific versions of events given that any new subscriber could subscribe to any given published event - we don't know who all the subscribers are. Jakub Skoczenwould like to see more formality around handling this versioning problem.

There were also some concerns (dialog in the PR) around permissions.

The RC will be modified to make sure those are noted in the "Unresolved Questions" section of the RFC.

We'll add those items to the list of Tech Debt so that they can be tracked.

 15 minTopics over next few weeks  Need to nail down topics leading up to FOLIO Stakeholder meeting. Tech Debt, on boarding, Security, etc... what do we want to present to the stakeholders?  Mike Gorrellto send email with a draft list of topics/areas. Will discuss more fully next week.