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GOAL - Stories and specs completed by November, 2019

The following are the draft user story documents:

Patron Story 

Staff Story - Owning Library

Staff Story - Patron Library

Staff Story - Pickup Library is not the patron library

New story, or integrated story of Central routing

FOLIO Request Functionality

Cate Boerema demo Part 1 3-11-19

Cate Boerema demo Part 2 3-11-19

Cate Boerema demo Part 3 3-11-19

Current Request Status

Older Documentation


All participating libraries are on FOLIO

Items from all involved libraries have the ability to search the other library's holdings

All participating Libraries have an item sharing relationship

Owning library set loan rules to the patrons library

Patron's library sets loan rules, notices, etc for the patron - so long as they are within parameters set by Owning library

Patrons will have the option to request, recall, borrow, renew, and return specified items within rules set by owning rules

Patron is responsible for item to their own library

The patron's library is responsible for item to the owning library

Patron is given the option to pickup and return item to any system-specified location

Applies only to physical items, not electronic

Integrated, as much as is feasible, within the Single tenant requesting app?

  • Request types
    • Holds
    • Recalls
    • Page
    • Item level and holding level
  • Notices
  • Reports

As of 7/31/19 - we are not including Booking functionality as it is not developed in FOLIO. But we are interested when it is developed