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Discussion items

20 minTopics for FOLIO Stakeholders meetingTC

There is a FOLIO Stakeholder meeting July 22/23. What are the items that the TC would like to highlight and/or request at this meeting?

  • Security Audit (never funded)
  • Tech Writer position (may be part of existing documentation package/request that Harry put together)
  • Discussed Release Management role, which would possibly include coordinating release details like coordinating releases, deadlines, chasing down loose ends, forcing compliance of processes/procedures. Initially may be 1/2 role but we'd expect the time to increase as we get more adopters and more releases. The more structured and formal we want to be with releases (certifications, etc.) will require more effort.
  • Tech Debt items - make sure to provide context - not the whole list - current list given time constraints, etc. 
  • Other?
 xx min Recap and review Tech Debt listTC 

Between the Stakeholder meeting and the Capacity Planning/MVP efforts the TC needs to review the Tech Debt list and decide if there are any immediate actions we should take.

We discussed the following next steps:

  1. Identify what the status/expectations/next steps are for any of the items on the list. ← to be discussed next week.
  2. With respect to the entire list, 
    1. Revisit prioritization given the direction from he PC coming out of the DC FOLIO meeting in June
    2. Review and add to the list so that it has "everything" worth tracking at this point in time.
  3.  Define an ongoing process for tracking/reporting Tech Debt, which will include cadence for review and update, etc. as well as the channels to get recommendations reviewed and acted upon. ← to be discussed next week

xxNew businessopenAnything else we should discuss today or in future meetings