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Comment: Number of parallel database connections


  • Size expectations or restrictions. It should decide specific implementation/module. How many items a module can process and how much time it takes the module to do it. For standard of FOLIO we can not demand it from everybody.
  • Synchronous or asynchronous response. It depends on business model.  As the main reason of batch API in FOLIO is save http traffic around Okapi.
  • Complete or partial success / failure. It depends on implementation. In case of transactional approach it should be complete success/failure otherwise it should be partial success/failure
  • Database transactions (specific to storage modules) It depends on requirements. For data-import it's necessary to determine which record is not saved during import large files and in this case it should be persisted as error (for further analysing)
  • Streamed processing of records TBD It’s applicable for a document but what would we do in case of json entities? How to unmarshal bytes into entities
  • Number of parallel database connections. If the maximum number of connections the database accepts is reached all modules and all tenants are blocked that need a new connection. See
    serverFOLIO Issue Tracker