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Personas discussion
  • Personas are fictional people filling roles we believe users will play in the system.
  • Persona goals include:
    • identifying motivations and pain points
    • building context and understanding with developers
    • mitigating bias that comes from working from one's own perspective
  • Within FOLIO, personas can be referenced in SIG discussions and Jira features, and used to inform documentation
  • At the F2F in Washington, a small group came up with a few RM personas – there was a lot of consensus about what the personas should be.
  • How many personas should we aim to create?
    • There's no specific number, but it should be few enough that we can remember who they all are 
    • Based on Dennis's initial roles, we might have 8-9.
    • Ideally we should leave room for them to evolve
  • Should we capture persona preferences or problems – e.g., I need the system to be fast, or I need to understand my serials budget?
    • These should be part of the feature description, not the persona
  • What is the context for implementing personas throughout FOLIO?
    • Consensus in Washington that these are a best practice.
    • A lot of our features already make reference to generic personas like "user" or "admin."
    • These terms are not well defined and could mean something different for everyone.
    • We probably won't rewrite older features, but use the personas moving forward.
    • POs can reference them in Jira stories, SIG can use them to guide discussion.
  • How would we go about defining our personas?
    • Initially we might start with a role-based perspective
    • Approach #1: Break up into small groups each charged with writing up personas for 2 or 3 user roles. Review with the RM SIG
    • Approach #2: Empower the small group to do the initial draft.
    • Approach #3: Ask the PO to do the initial draft.
    • Approach #4: Collect info from libraries via a survey or other activity
  • Timing and logistics
    • This is important and represents an opportunity, but it's not urgent
    • The small group can start to work on this, maybe not right away
  • Next steps
    • The acquisitions small group will write 3-4 initial personas
    • Candidates for the initial group include:
      • Manager
      • Superuser who does a lot of different tasks
      • Specialized user who does a single task
      • Someone outside the department
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Dennis will present an update about renewals and ongoing orders

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