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Product Council Update

This morning's meeting was spent on a presentation to request to build a community of builders. The testing has been product owners. The idea is to have a crowd sourced testing community. They are looking for manual testing to find bugs before releases. They would like anyone to volunteer for testing for up to a year. This includes testing integrations, APIs, etc. They are searching to have names by mid-August to get the testers trained for the upcoming release of Daisy.

The capacity planning resulted in new fields in JIRA. They are trying to better reflect issues that have come up in relation especially in reporting. This work is going well around capacity planning.

There was a debrief on the stakeholders meeting in Germany. There was MVP planning, state of the budget, resources, need for documentation. Harry Kaplanian gave presentations on the state of the project. Budget resourcing needs were also discussed.

A group will be formed to discuss sustainable business models. WOLFCON has designated the official open foundation projects. There might also be a need for informal meetings. The dates for WOLFCON are out 1/20-24 in 2020. This might overlap with ALA MidWinter.

We do have a need for a documentation editor/czar.

Subgroup Updates and Other Updates

We had talked a couple of weeks ago about new features a regular part of these meetings. Charlotte sent out 2 messages this morning. These are now on the agenda, see below. This will be added going forward. If you didn't get the messages, make sure you are subscribed to the Metadata Management mailing list.


Data Import: The small group is not meeting right now. Ann Marie has been working through the comments on the default MARC Bib-Inventory Instance mapping to have it finished by the end of next week.

Data Export: Magda is the new PO for this group. Anne-Marie and Magda have met and gone through all of the open Jiras regarding data export. This is in the early stage of gathering requirements. A subgroup would be beneficial with about 5-6 people that meets weekly. If you are interested, contact Laura. The subgroup should be diverse. As we discussed in batch editing, if we have only basic features on day 1, good export and import features are needed.

Feature ranking/new features

From Charlotte:

We have split UXPROD-1420 "Cleanup work on the Instance Record + look up feature, and new component" into six features, and we'll need the libraries to rank each feature:

UXPROD-1889 Instance: Delete warning when deleting format or contributor type

UXPROD-1890 Instance: Additional controlled vocabularies for Instance menus

UXPROD-1891 Instance: Lookup by code (contributor type, resource type and format)

UXPROD-1892 Instance: Add related instances data element

UXPROD-1893 Instance: Implement preceding and succeeding titles

UXPROD-1894 Settings > Inventory > Instance: Implement format category

We have split UXPROD-1880 "Cleanup work on the Item Record" into three features, and we'll need the libraries to rank each feature:

UXPROD-1922 Item. Easy copy of barcode and make barcode a link in item list

UXPROD-1923 Settings > Inventory > Item: Implement material type category

UXPROD-1924 Item. Copy is not a repeatable element

Please take a look, and add your institutions new ranking of each of the features above.

SRS/Inventory Freeze

For clarification, all but a few administrative metadata fields are now "frozen" in the Instance record when there is an underlying source record.

The freeze has been enacted. If there is source data underlying an instance record, several records are locked for editing. This applies to any underlying source record. Right now, these are only MARC.

From chat:

From Felix Hemme to Everyone: (12:20 PM)

Hi @Ann-Marie: What causes the records in the Inventory to be blocked from editing? Is the existence of an SRS record necessary for this? Or is this dependend on the "metadata source" element?

From Anne-Marie to Everyone: (12:28 PM)

Hi Felix - Yes, that's right: Metadata source in the Instance = MARC. The exact fields that are restricted down are hard coded. The only fields that can be edited are 1) Suppress from discovery, 2) Staff suppress, 3) Previously held, 4) Instance Status, 5) Mode of issuance, 6) Add statistical code

MARC creation and editing needs surveyLaura Wright

MARC Creation and Editing

If you are not using MARC, please note this as well. If you haven't filled this out, please fill this out. This will help with ranking and prioritization.

Could this analysis be applied to those using UNIMARC? Everything has been focused around MARC21. But there are countries that use UNIMARC. This hasn't been prioritized yet in FOLIO as with other metadata formats.

Batch Editing Use Cases follow-ups

It looks like what we prefer to do is in the FOLIO environment. The workaround for most of these cases are to export and import metadata. Some use cases didn't seem that would be met by the workaround.

  • Suppress: We need to add some functionality to import and export for this.
  • Authority records: This can be handled by an export and import.  This is updating access points in bib records.

How do we export and import order records? The use case is update fund for a set of orders. Right now, there is no way to import and export order records. How do you search for these types of criteria for order records? We need to make sure that our searching is robust enough for these types of searches.

Often the search is based on a file of record numbers and you want to run a batch on those. This would be to create a set by uploading a file with system numbers.

Tiziana also had questions about Unimarc. There is a library in Florence that is Unimarc. Tiziana will need to follow up with Charlotte about this, and will need to create some Jira tickets specifically addressing Unimarc.

Multiple Graphical Representations

Laura, Christie, and Jacquie(?) will be meeting with Tech Council August 7 to discuss this

working document:


  • If multiple forms of the value are represented in a single JSON object, both scripts have to be included in a single value cell. This limits the search function.
  • Chicago is testing graphical representation in FOLIO. Here is an example:

  • See MARC record:
  • See JSON sample: (Christie will provide)
  • Functional requirements need to be built so developers can understand the issues. What would we like to have happen in FOLIO?
  • Proposed solution:
    • Single JSON object for the property, e.g., Title, with the ability to have an array of values for display (labels).

    • Values should allow for a property that identifies the script.

    • This would allow for the ability to configure displays to include multiple representations or a selection of representations.

Functional requirement: Create an instance record and be able to have multiple graphical representations of the language, or be able to put a non-transliterated title that can be searched in other scripts.

Note: Charlotte has added following feature description (UXPROD) in Jira: 

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Christie expressed hesitation about being too prescriptive about what the JSON should look like. She suggested spending time on the Functional Requirements. Suggestions for additional functional requirements were added to the Google doc: DRAFT - Multiple graphical representations in FOLIO. (Also linked above.) 

The group also would like to make recommendations as to what this should look like in the FOLIO interface. Example systems that work well?

Future meeting topics

Source of truth (SRS). Review the FOLIO metadata flow based on test of the newly implementation of edit freeze of records in Inventory when having only SRS and Inventory installed. Is the freeze to happen between SRS and Inventory, or freeze of Inventory is only when there is a MARCcat equivalent of the Inventory record?

Rename the Notes accordion in Instance, Holdings, Item and Container record to be renamed, in order to distinguish between the new Notes app ( and the notes we have in the metadata records.

Inventory Permissions (

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Search enhancements - possible also look at more general requirements for defining search, e.g. when to use: Phrase search, Truncating (left and/or right), Stemming, Nested search, Boolean search, etc. (TC and MM task)

Authority Data and Inventory Vision (small group work first)

Discovery – need to clarify sources of data for discovery vs. data needed for operations; this needs to be documented for the entire FOLIO community and direction should come from Product Counil

Item record statuses and the apps that affect them

Music / Maps / Media cataloging review of data elements in Inventory

Felix (via chat) "@charlotte: I could ask a colleague (from one of the 180 network libraries) if she/he could review the beta elements from a 'musical' point of view."

Texas A&M may have a music cataloger that can help.

Christie offered to load cartographic and music data from other libraries into their test FOLIO instance.

Jennifer (via chat): We should also look at video as well. Videos have other standard numbers EAN for instance and fields that people like to search and discovery them by




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