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5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
  • Notetaker -  Joanne Leary
  • Reminder to comment on: 

    UXPROD-1922 Item. Easy copy of barcode and make barcode a link in item list

    UXPROD-1923 Settings > Inventory > Item: Implement material type category

    UXPROD-1924 Item. Copy should not be a repeatable element

    UXPROD-1889 Instance: Delete warning when deleting format or contributor type

    UXPROD-1890 Instance: Additional controlled vocabularies for Instance menus

    UXPROD-1891 Instance: Lookup by code (contributor type, resource type and format)

    UXPROD-1892 Instance: Add related instances data element

    UXPROD-1893 Instance: Implement preceding and succeeding titles

    UXPROD-1894 Settings > Inventory > Instance: Implement format category

25minUsersDummy / Generic users

UM has been discussing the need for dummy/generic users.  Erin and Jana will cover what's been decided and get our our input.

See UM meeting notes at 2019-07-31 Meeting notes

20minItemsStatuses related to lost itemsDecide whether to distinguish aged to lost items from patron-reported lost items, and whether to distinguish paid-for lost items from long missing