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Discussion items

45Charactersets/Graphical Representation in records

MM SIG wants to discuss this topic to seek our guidance.

Note that translations are mapped to another field and are already handled. We are discussing Transliterations.

Problem significance: 

  • This is not an edge case - significant portions of Cornell/Chicago and Duke's collections have multiple scripts in the data.
  • The trend is increasing as well - this is where some the most "important" collections are.
  • This is also where a lot of original cataloging effort goes due to lack of good alternatives

Discussion about potential solution:

  • Is this something that needs a solution across all of FOLIO or is it limited to certain apps and/or certain fields
    • Could impact Inventory, Acquisitions, ERM, Codex
    • Is it really all of Inventory or just a subset of fields that need to accommodate this issue

Impact on searching/sorting needs to be expected and will be non-trivial

What is the MM SIG's specific ask:

1) Need to be able to store multiple languages/strings for a series of fields - these are transliterations

2) identify what is the script of each of those strings

3) need to be able to search for these strings

MM SIG - TC's recommended next steps:

  • Would be useful to see examples and use cases for those examples
  • Examples of how other systems handle those examples
  • Clear and concise problem statement
  • A Scope statement; where this starts and ends in terms of FOLIO - we discussed intentionally limiting scope to Inventory
  • List all JIRAs related to this - especially UXPRODs
    • Jira
      serverFOLIO Issue Tracker