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Thoughts on MVP documentKaren
  • A&M Meeting next Monday
  • Duke - Meeting yesterday, chose scenario (to be announced) to be recommended to our Executive Group, looking at MVP
  • Kirstin KemnerGBV - Heek - devOps training last week. Had help efrom knowledge Integration from Sheffild. Test environment up and running - OKAPI based 4 servers hosting - production level. Meeting tomorrow about MVP with institutions to address issues or make adjustments.

How to get word out about documentation template on Tips and Tricks?

Karen Newbery reach out to Peter Murray about creating a template.

Need higher-level intro on Tips and Tricks page.

Present idea to Product Council and ask them to share with their institutions. meeting with SIG Conveners for proposal, before it's shared out to the SIGs. Everyone on same page.

Put on PC meeting agenda with Conveners. Kirstin Kemner-Heek will do that.

Adjourned early