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Discussion items




Question from Paula Sullenger

  • how will OCLC holdings work in a single-tenant model?

Resource sharing reports


PALNI (all reports can be done at the group level or individually)

  • all checked out items - sounds like there maybe general interest
  • group circulation event detail - updated daily; monthly report aggregates this to higher-level of who is borrowing from whom
  • open holds - unfilled holds; has some functionality implications - important either way
  • overdue items - how common is end-of-year reconciliation? some other use cases for this, considering doing away with the money part of this; for overdue items, what's the threshold?
  • annual report - useful at consortium level and individual library level
  • check JIRA for a ticket about sharing report templates David Dahl
  • like to have
    • turnaround times (for entire process and individual steps in the process); how long it stays on the

GALILEO - blocked borrowers/requesters; there's a combination of functionality and reporting need here

Other reports of interest

  • who is checking in and checking out at other libraries
  • expired hold shelf report - both for operational and analytical (i.e. how many holds have we put in the effort but the patron hasn't picked it up)
  • expired holds - both operational (pick list) and analytical (percent of unfulfilled holds); might be some functionality implications (notices to patrons, passing on request to ILL, etc.)
  • soon-to-be-expired holds report (or functionality) - need to be able to predict that a cross-tenant request won't be fulfilled by the stated deadline and reconcile that per the library's preference

Next week - stories review

  • start with patron story

Q: anybody done any analysis about running open source system as a consortium

Action items