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Discussion Items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
5minUsersErin Nettifeeactive/not activeUM needs to understand our use case for the active/not active field in the user record
15minMissing Emma BoettcherMissing itemsDecide how an item is marked as thoroughly searched (automated or manual)15min


Emma BoettcherLost (aged to lost, declared, lost and paid) statusesDecide what actions are permitted (renew, change due date, claim returned, etc.) on items with various lost statuses20minin-transitEmma BoettcherIn-app report: items in transit
Confirm requirements for in-app report.25minRequest queueCate Boerema Manual request queue reordering vs rush request- We recently reviewed and approved mockups for the manual request re-order page: -- Discussed with developers and, as anticipated, there are some design challenges with supporting manual request reording as well as auto-ordering via FIFO when moving requests from one item to another -- Developers and I discussed the possibility of flagging a queue as manually re-ordered and, when moving requests from one item to another, placing moved requests at the *end of the queue* in such cases (as opposed to ordering FIFO as we normally do) -- HOWEVER there are challenges: --- Technical: There is no easy way to do this with current architecture ---- Design: Once a queue has been flagged as manually reordered, when/how does it get reset to FIFO? Overall, it would be much easier if the queues could be manually ordered or FIFO but not both. Alternative 1: When moving requests from one item to another, you ALWAYS need to manually order the queue (right now it automatically slots moved requests into the queue according to the request creation date). Alternative 2: Instead of supporting manual re-order of request queue, we could implement Auto-sort of recalls above holds ( and Rush/staff/admin requests (

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