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Discussion items


MVP Document

MVP Worksheet Instructions

  • A&M - still working on it.
  • Duke proposed scenario -

ERM - features will be developed until the end of the year. Things that won't be developed have been agreed upon in the ERM group and subgroups.

Completed document should be sent to Holly Mistlebauer

Trello Board

Kelly looking for a person who can talk about LTI
Ian has a presentation he will share with Kelly

Data Migration

Chicago pushing bibs, holdings and items into inventory. Dale had been working on pushing records into SRS, need to get update from him. Chicago has Organizations loaded.

Ian - working on data migration toolkit outside of FOLIO, making a robust ETL system for pulling data and pushing it out. Not ready for show and tell. Generic ETL -

could push into FOLIO or KOHA (PHP based + graphical front end). John Miller working on one in C#

Action items