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 PC Updates:

Receiving and checkin of packages

Receiving package = receiving multiple titles for the same PO line.

Order form update - Now includes a "package" checkbox under the Item details section. When this is checked, it affects other aspects of the form. The receiving information is now grouped together. There's a check-in box. If you check this, it manually creates a piece. Otherwise, the system will automatically created for each unit of quantity. A POL may result in the creation of a container in the future. Create inventory will still be done for material format. A POL for a package may directly relate to a record in inventory. In the Order app, you can view the POL and titles that have been received and also see how many items still need to be received.

Check-in is slightly different from receiving. When setting up the order, there's a check-in box to indicate that check-in will be needed for the order. When checking in print plus online subscriptions, using a check-in button in the order screen, you can select whether the issue you're checking in is the print or the online.

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