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Discussion items

5minHousekeeping/updatesAllDavid Dahl updated some Assumptions. SIG reviewed and made some more modifications based on discussion.
45min  Cross-tenant Unmediated Requesting stories review All 
  • important to facilitate transition to other resource sharing options (i.e. ILL) if it can't be filled within the consortium
  • load balancing vs first-to-fill
  • queue jumping - prioritizing of certain patrons (e.g. patron library's patrons, faculty over students, course reserves, etc.)
  • renewals - what is current FOLIO functionality?
    • is there an option for auto-renewal? (doesn't look like it)
    • can renewals of overdue items be allowed/disallowed? (doesn't sound like this is a high priority and possibly not a desired feature)
  • Kelly Drake created a new document for "System specific functionality" that is linked from Cross Tenant Unmediated Requesting

Next week

  • Resume discussion of optional request scenarios
  • **David likely will not be able to attend**