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Discussion items

2 minutesNew TC memberCraig has replaced Mike Gunning from EBSCO on the Tech Council
10 minutesCode of conductPeter

Draft Code of Conduct is here:

Discussion around whether this Code of Conduct should be mentioned at the same time as the license agreement members have to 'sign' in order to submit a pull request.

General agreement and support of the effort.

Peter is seeking volunteers from TC to be part of the team that finalized the document. Also to consider being part of the CSVs. Several of us will bring to other groups that we work with. Ian has volunteered to help with the doc.

?Review/Discuss MVP and Tech Debt itemsTC

Looking at Tech Debt list and the latest MVP projection, there are several items that are not in the MVP list. What should we do?


UXPROD-1752. Lobby for this to be included in Q1 or Q2 of 2020. It's important but may not outweigh other functional features/work. May implement as a "client opt-in" manner.

UXPROD-1815The work is actually in progress, and in fact we have 2 successful PoCs and so we are in a position to start rolling out, but, haven't fleshed out the actual plan to roll it out (will fall on individual teams). We will look to Tech Leads, Product Owners and Scrum Masters to start adopting this. Actions for Craig McNally (Tech Leads), Mark Veksler(Scrum Masters) and Mark Veksler (Product Owners).

May need more discussion about definition of done and how to enforce and/or define "required" vs "preferred" requirements.

UXPROD-1826. Is part of MVP.

UXPROD-1823. Is part of MVP.

UXPROD-216.UXPROD-216 wasn't ranked. JIRA says "In Progress" - but UXPROD-280 IS in MVP. Listed as Blocked. It is being worked on in bits and pieces. Zak_Burketo look into why the issue is blocked.

UXPROD-1816. We are addressing performance issues as it comes up. What might be helpful is to identify the most critical operations so that we can be narrow and precise with this instead of very broad. Mike Gorrelltakes action to make a recommendation.