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Jennifer Eustis.
Product Council Update

Peter brought a proposal for a FOLIO project code of conduct. It is in draft form. This is based on Islandora's and Code4Lib code of conducts. They want a code focused on what we want the community to be. Please take a look at the draft and post comments. A small group will be convened and then present the draft to the community. This could be part of the opening session at WOLFCON. Peter is also seeking community support volunteers to deal with reports and articulate reporting guidelines.

We can hire a technical editor (writer). This is the documentation tzar. There will also be a security audit from the same sponsor. They hope to have documentation out as soon as possible, early 2020 for the community to review. This will be commercial grade documentation for users and developers.

Presentation from Tech Council:

Chalmers is in the midst of their migration, staff training and planning. There will be a future forum hopefully in January. There will be a demo in the next ERM SIG meeting. Dracine will ask about ERM and documentation. Chalmers is a unique implementation given their relationship with their national library, ability to do linked data, no MARC, no finances, etc. Where can we put documentation that people are beginning to create? The FOLIO implementers group has taken on the task of wrangling documentation. This was a chance to test the fulfillment workflow.

FOLIO Bugfest testers: Around 64 people signed up to be testers. Chalmers also wrote a lot for their tests. People could follow those if we have access to it.

Capacity Planning Team will coordinate with institutions where soon after these institutions will decide on go live or not.

Peter Murray
Volunteers needed for FOLIO Community code of conduct.
Subgroup Updates and Other Updates

ERM: presentation from Chalmers (10 minutes) on Sep 11 in tthe ERM Sub Group. Meeting times see

Data Import: AM working with designers to finalize more designs.

Data Export: The first meeting is today.

Container: This has been wrapped up. The mock-ups are done. This is NOT cap MVP. The group came up with a list of paired down elements to get these implemented first if there was capacity.

Feature ranking/new features?

Call number search, sort, display updateLaura Wright

Progress report on

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Feedback (particularly in the form of user stories!) welcome

Inventory Permissions (Basic CRUD)Charlotte Whitt


serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Following stories are in Jira:

Future meeting topics

Source of truth (SRS). Review the FOLIO metadata flow based on test of the newly implementation of edit freeze of records in Inventory when having only SRS and Inventory installed.

Inventory Permissions (

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Search enhancements - possible also look at more general requirements for defining search, e.g. when to use: Phrase search, Truncating (left and/or right), Stemming, Nested search, Boolean search, etc. (TC and MM task)

Authority Data and Inventory Vision (small group work first)

Discovery – need to clarify sources of data for discovery vs. data needed for operations; this needs to be documented for the entire FOLIO community and direction should come from Product Counil

Item record statuses and the apps that affect them

Music / Maps / Media cataloging review of data elements in Inventory

Felix (via chat) "@charlotte: I could ask a colleague (from one of the 180 network libraries) if she/he could review the beta elements from a 'musical' point of view."

Texas A&M may have a music cataloger that can help.

Christie offered to load cartographic and music data from other libraries into their test FOLIO instance.

Jennifer (via chat): We should also look at video as well. Videos have other standard numbers EAN for instance and fields that people like to search and discovery them by