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Discussion Items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
  • Notetaker - Mark Canney
  • MVP review  - homework - review and determine what non-MVP items you want to discuss.  Let Andrea know so that I can try to make sure the appropriate capacity team folks can be at our meeting.
5minPerformanceCate BoeremaUpdate on check in/check out performanceConveyed the performance goals discussed in the Sept 5 meeting to the developers. They are interested in keeping the barcode scanner and RFID scanner use cases separate for now. Depending on how staff need to interact with check in popups when using RFID scanners, we may need to make other adjustments to API. I've requested a screencast of current system from Carsten. Anton has created a wiki page to document our performance SLAs: Performance requirements for daily operation of the FOLIO system 
10minLostHolly MistlebauerLost item return messagingAsking if setting "If lost item returned" should be changed to "If lost item returned or renewed."
10minLostLost renewalsDecide whether renewing lost items should follow loan policy, or ask user to choose new due date.
20minClaims returnedEmma Boettcherbulk claims returnedDecide whether to use existing patterns for bulk claim returned, or to introduce new pattern.