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  • Organize UXPROD Consortia (Cross-Tenant) JIRAs



Review/organize our UXPROD JIRAs 

2019-Sept JIRA's


Proposed Consortia function development framework

  1. Determine whether or not the function is cross tenant, or single tenant
    1. Multi-tenant Implementation Model Summary Statement 
  2. Determine whether the function is performed by the Central Office or jointly among librariescentrally and/or distributed.
    1. Vision Document for Multi-tenant consortial infrasture.
  3. Specify why the functionality is needed (i.e. "in order to...")
  4. Identify and become familiar with related, existing FOLIO functionality
  5. Draft specification
  6. Collaborate with functional PO for completion of specification. 


  • Kelly getting questions from other POs about Consortia JIRAs
  • Issues are all over the place, would be good to establish a framework for organizing them
    • would be good to note functional areas

Issue review

  • UXPROD-1763 -
    • should/could tenant have ability to determine who they share their patron data with?
      • sharing should be able to be set at tenant level (and maybe even individual fields within a patron record)
  • UXPROD-1762 - central, probably specifically would not want distributed
  • UXPROD-1761 - both distributed and central
    • is collaborative cataloging distributed or central ("tenant transcendence"!)
  • UXPROD-1434 - is there actually FOLIO functionality here?
  • UXPROD-1419 - data import
    • does FOLIO have any sort of shared bib functionality? A: not at this point


  • Kelly will meet with POs and discuss our approach to reviewing these
  • Homework: review list and start adding comments about "why" and central/distributed

Next week

  • return to cross-tenant unmediated requests and finish reporting needs discussion

Action items