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Comment: Added report spreadsheet details on UXPROD-845


  • Discussion of Jira's that did not make MVP.
  • Erin Nettifee - UXPROD 845- Decide what to work on for Q1.  There is a need for libraries to balance cash drawer for fines/fees. Some libraries have a work around for this.  Andrea suggested a subgroup was needed to work on this to define report for development team. 
  • Andy Horbal - UXPROD 1800 - Re-rank as there is no work around. Still high priority for RA SIG.   Cate Boerema - Bump up as higher priority issue. Write story and bring back to SIG.  UXPROD 1801 - Bump up rank. More complex to develop. Is below the line for MVP. It is planned for Q1 release. David - Need token for API for ILLiad.  UXPROD 1742 - Did not make MVP as it is not ready.  Not organized in a useful way. 
  • Andrea Loigman - UXPROD 33 - Not listed as MVP. Not getting all the fields asked for.  Work on requested list of fields for patrons.  UXPROD 1057 - Work around not acceptable.  This is needed for Course Reserves and ILL.  UXPROD  OR UXPROD 907 - Both are advanced searches.  Do we need both?  UXPROD 140 discuss next week meeting on Sept 23. 
  • Darcy Branchini - Staff slips/Call slips - How are these being used. Do staff use call slip as hold slip or are the hold slip printed separately.  Decided on workflow for a get and hold item, get and tansit/route item, and get and deliver item.  Unrelated question- Last scanned date time. Should always be system date/time or processed as.  Decided it should always be system date/time.

I found 4 reports in the reporting SIG master spreadsheet related to Cash drawer reconciliation. All 4 are linked to UXPROD-845.

ID437 (Chicago-Lehigh) Cash Drawer Reconciliation Report Fine/fee monies received at specific service point during

specified date/time range by cash drawer and/or operator.

Needs to be broken down by fine/fee categories. Need to show

payment type and totals by category. Run each end of day/shift

ID438 (Chicago-Lehigh) Financial Transactions Detail Report Individual listing of specific fines/fees monies

received in report ID 437. Includes item specific data and

information about payer rather than just totals by category. Run each end of day/shift

ID440 (Cornell) Fine Fee Reconciliation

Local table links fines by unit to university account

numbers, Voyager tables: FINE_FEES, FINE_FEE_TRANSACTIONS Run weekly or quarterly

ID498 (Cornell)

Fee Fine Reconciliation Accounting Office Summary Report Run quarterly