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Discussion Items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
20minSlips and noticesDarcy BranchiniPaging/call slip Discuss requirements for a paging or call slip. Decide what tokens are required. Are there any that are not available on the template editing screens? (There are... just need to verify which ones need to be added.) Verify the workflow. Will these need to be printed as received (real time) or on demand periodically or both, and a configuration is required?
35minJira reviews

Holly Mistlebauer

& Capacity planning team

Review of non-MVP jiras

Discuss and determine needs around 'essential' jiras that did not make MVP.

Erin Nettifee 

-  Fees/Fines in-app report: Balance cash drawer for fees/fines - UXPROD-845

- Enforce Patron Blocks in Borrowing API - UXPROD-1683 - Magda left a comment on the Jira that addressed my question about it, so I think this is fine (and other things are more important to spend time on discussion. - Erin

Andy Horbal 

- Patron Note on Request - UXPROD-1800 

- Resource Access View of Inventory Data - UXPROD-1742 

Andrea Loigman 

- Custom Fields (for User Record and as General Platform Feature) - UXPROD-33

- On the Fly Records / or Fast Add - UXPROD-1057

- Boolean Search (Within Apps) - UXPROD-1015 OR Advanced Search (Within Apps) - UXPROD-907

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Fine/fees in app report
Planned for Q1Small group will work on defining the report so when the PO and development team are ready, the requirements have been defined already


  • Erin Nettifee