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1minDevelopment plan, timeline and Sub-group goals

Sept 17 - Reporting

Sept 17 - LTI with Duke re: Course Reserves

Sept 17 - Moodle demo of Course Reserves

Sept 24 - Fast Add (We need to spec this feature out and consider the needs of other SIGs and develop and plan of action)

Reporting homework - Course Data Reports

Item reports vs Course info reports

  • What reports are course data only vs circulation or item only reports
  • Reports that are item + course data
  • Kelly Drake  to add a list of fields that are course app only 


Angela - presented a run down on the report SIG

Data has to be migrated from FOLIO to the LDP (library data platform) and do it so that the data is easy to query, but that has proven difficult within the current time frame. 

Queries will not be run against the production data, but will be queried in a more traditional way. 

As soon as developers create the json files and storage modules are built, they will be added to the 'grabbing process'. 

These reports will not be live.

"In App" reports will be. Generally, they are things that need to be run in the course of business to be done against live data. 


Ares reports were created by ....

Reporting SIG would like general, clustered, conical  reports that can then by modified after being run. 

Ares is an Course Reserves program that will update FOLIO.  Only handles e-reserves at Cornell.  FOLIO app will manage physical reserves.  

Moodle Demo
Mare from Amherst demonstrated e-reserves in Moodle.  Required fields include those that the student will need for citation. 

Ares Demo?

Kelly DrakeTonya Carter  to ask Wendy Wilcox  if she could demo her Ares reserves process?

Unresolved issuesIs the RegistrarID unique to a course, even if it is cross listed?

next week

Action items