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Use caseDescriptionRecords TypesFile Type(s)FrequencyWho createsWho consumes the filesPriorityNotesSubmitted by



1Daily exportExport daily incremental at a time specified in the profileHoldings and ItemsMARCDaily
includes the ability to delete some tags / subfields so that they are not included in the export, as well as the ability to include some holdings and item data in 9xx fields that are specified in a mapping profile.Chicago

2Daily OCLC
SRS MARC recordsMARCDaily
  1. BIB is unsuppressed
  2. Record does not contain a 995 field with the text “NoEx”
  3. BIB contains a 948 $a with previous day’s date (for example, the target date for the job that starts at 12:05 am on May 1, 2016 will be “20160430”)
  4. This same 948 contains $b with one of the following values: f, s, or k

3Quarterly Local Holdings Recordings for OCLCExport local holdings records that have been updated since running the query lastHoldings recordsMARCQuaterly
  1. Search all holdings records that are active (ie. not suppressed or deleted) that have a holdings statement.
  2. Limit this search by date (date of last export to current date of running export
  3. Export set that must include system number


We also do this but weekly - Cornell

4Export MARC bib record - as neededThere has been a change to a field or information needs to be removed or updated. Current example, removing "EBSC" from 938. If there is no bulk edit, this will be necessary in the beginning.MARC bib recordsMARC

Technical Services Staff/Systems Librarian
  1. Search MARC bib record based on a MARC field and indicators
  2. Ability to limit this search based on a phrase contained in the MARC field
  3. Export set that must include system number to then make changes and then re-import

5Export MARC bib record with holdings and item information - RegularExport of MARC bib, holdings and item information to send to discovery serviceMARC bib, holdings, itemsMARC

It's necessary to get the holdings and item information so that this displays in discovery.UMass/5C

6Holdings for Commitment PurposesExport specific fields from BIB and 852 (Location/Call Number) & 866 (Holdings Statement) from Holdings as well as Item disposition information (MIssing, Damaged, etc)BIB, Holdings, ItemsMARC or tab delimited




Holdings for ILL purposes

Export specific MARC fields from BIB and 852 & 866 from HoldingsMARC BIB & HoldingsMARC

Record sets need to be submitted in groupings like: print books, print serials, print journals


We also export to RAPID (monthly) - Cornell

8Export records with no OCLC numberThe purpose of this job is to find the Records with no OCLC numbers, so we can export them to OCLC.

  • 035 $a (OCoLC) is not present
  • Record is unsuppressed.
  • 948 date is previous month and subfield b has the value of any of the following: c, f, k, o, s, u, v, x, or z

Exclude records if :

  • 995 $aNoEx field present on BIB

A number of edits also happen to the records as part of our current process, like removing local fields

9Export monograph holdings to Coutts' OasisFrom Voyager a daily harvest of our newly updated print and ebook records based on the bib 005 date along with their holdings' status of held or on order to Oasis for their ingest. Cuts down on duplicate orderingHoldingsMARC

Must be unsuppressed

  1. 005 day should be today minus 3 days.
  2. Leader position 7=m
  3. Must have an 020 ISBN
  4. 008 position 8 must =s, t, r, or e
  5. 008 position 9-12 date must be greater than or equal to 2011

A number of edits happen in our export process

We also send a separate file of quarterly deletes

Special projects exportsWe export bibs, holdings, and items for a variety of special projects - HathiTrust, Ivy+ Projects, LD4P projects, etc. In addition to these large scale projects we export regularly to do maintenance and reporting on these types of recordsBibs, Holdings, ItemsMARC, delimited

Requires fielded querying