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Chalmers is live on FOLIO! 

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Follow-up on operational reports for CTUR

  • existing requests in-app reports will satisfy most reporting needs
  • it looks like there are other in-app reports planned/available that will take care of other scenarios mentioned last week
  • David Dahl will compile a list of JIRAs that are relevant to our in-app reporting needs
20min Wrap up analytical queries for cross-tenant unmediated requests  All

Developed some analytical queries related to staff activities in the request fulfillment workflow; there are some privacy concerns with this for some organizations.

Individuals can add other queries that come to mind until the end of the week.

25minReview current state of work related to cross-tenant unmediated requests and identify gapsAll

The system specific functionality document was reviewed to distinguish tenant needs from "central office" needs.

Kelly thinks our documents are in good enough shape for her to begin outlining the CTUR features/JIRAs; these are expected to be ready for the SIG to begin reviewing at our 10/16 meeting.


No meeting on 10/9. Kelly will let us know if any asynchronous conversations need to happen about our feature/JIRA drafts (likely via Slack; request an account here:

Next meeting will be 10/16.

Action items